History Education 6-12

The History Education 6-12 program requires admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Teacher Education program admission, retention, practicum, and student teaching requirements can be found on the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies site

History Education 6-12 Requirements

The History Education 6-12 program is comprised of 120 semester hours, as follows:

  • Major: 27 hours
  • Professional Education: 27-28 hours
  • Practicum: 4 hours
  • Student Teaching: 12 hours
  • General Education: 38-42 hours
  • Electives: 7-8 hours

Assessment in Teacher Education Coursework

  1. edTPA: edTPA is a subject-specific nationally-scored performance assessment for prospective teachers required for licensure in the state of Tennessee. All students will prepare and submit their edTPA portfolio during their first placement of student teaching. Students who do not receive a passing score with their first submission must resubmit the assessment a second time to meet graduation requirements.
  2. LiveText, Critical Tasks, and Key Assignments:
    1. All students in this program are required to have an account for LiveText, a web-based electronic portfolio service. Your LiveText account is valid for 7 years and will be used throughout your program for submission of course-based Critical Tasks and Key Assignments in your education courses.
    2. Critical Tasks and Key Assignments are used to evaluate your progress toward meeting program and applicable state and/or national standards and to inform program improvement. Once your task/assignment is uploaded to your portfolio, it will be assessed by your instructor using a 4-point rubric (4=Exemplary, 3=Proficient, 2=Developing Proficiency, 1=Not Proficient). You must earn an average score of 3 or better on each Critical Task to receive a passing grade in the course. If your average score for a Critical Task is less than 3, you will be given feedback to guide your remediation of the work for resubmission. Key Assignments do not require a minimum score but must be uploaded to LiveText to receive a passing grade in the course.