The Honors Program gives students the opportunity to reach beyond a degree and achieve something more while pursuing their undergraduate education.

Through challenging and unique coursework, extracurricular activities, and engaging community, Honors students ultimately learn the complexity of the world they live in and graduate knowing more of themselves than they had before.


Entering students with an ACT score of 25 or higher (1130 or higher on the SAT) and a high school grade point average of at least 3.3 may be invited to apply to the program.  Students who do not meet these requirements but have demonstrated strong potential for academic success may seek admission.


Normally students are invited to enter the Honors Program as incoming freshman.  Sophomores may apply if they have achieved at least a 3.5 grade point average (G.P.A.) after their freshman year.  All students seeking admission should submit a formal application by January 15th, following their first semester at Tusculum. The application and essay is to be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from one of their professors at Tusculum College.  Students will submit a cover letter detailing why they believe they qualify for the program, followed by an interview with Honors Council members.


To remain in good standing within the program, students must maintain a minimum Tusculum G.P.A of 3.3.  A grade of B- or higher is required in any Honors component to count toward Honors credit.


For more information, contact:
Wayne Thomas
Dean of School of Arts and Science
Tusculum College
Email: wthomas@tusculum.edu