The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides support for strategic planning, and assists with the improvement of educational programs, academic support activities, and administrative processes through the provision of selected college-wide data.

The office consists of three components: Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, and Institutional Assessment.

About Institutional Research

Institutional Research: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness uses the mission statement of the college and the associated goals and objectives as the foundation for institutional research and evaluation activities.  Institutional Research provides data analyses, reports, and other information to assist with effective and informed decision-making across the College. All Institutional Research activities are conducted with the goal of supplying the highest level of service and data integrity possible.

About Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports Tusculum College’s commitment to academic and operational excellence by providing collection and rigorous analysis of wide-ranging data.

About Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides leadership and support for the strategic planning processes of the College.  The Strategic Plan of Tusculum College serves as the guiding document for most of the office’s research and assessment functions.  The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for tracking progress on the objectives of the strategic plan, and reporting that progress to the President, Cabinet and Board of Trustees.  The Office of Institutional Effectiveness also provides assistance and support for planning activities including enrollment, emergency, diversity, space and unit-level planning.

Staff Members

Carl Larsen, PhD.
Assistant Vice President of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
Phone: 423-636-7300 ext. 5313
Fax: 423-636-7335

William Dixon
Director of Institutional Research
voice: 423-636-7300 ext. 5212
fax: 423-636-7335
email: wdixon@tusculum.edu

Anna Hensley
Assistant Director of Institutional Research
voice:423-636-7300 ext. 5350
fax: 423-638-7335
email: ahensley@tusculum.edu

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