The Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Team ensures that the University engages in ongoing, comprehensive, and integrated research-based planning and evaluation processes that (a) focus on institutional quality and effectiveness and (b) incorporate a systematic review of institutional goals and outcomes consistent with its mission.

Effective institutions demonstrate a commitment to principles of continuous improvements, based on a systematic and documented process of assessing institutional performance with respect to mission in all aspects of the institution.


Executive Cabinet/Acting President





  • Monthly, once firmly established
  • Initially, in its first year, meetings will be more frequent
  • The chair may call additional meetings as needed



  • Given the nature of the work of the team, individuals from Information Systems and Branding will be asked to attend meetings as needed.
  • As required, the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (and/or a designee) will attend Faculty Assembly, Dean’s Council, and/or Executive Cabinet to seek input, secure support, and disseminate activities and decisions.


  • The Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Team does not have a dedicated budget, but has access to resources to support its work via the Institutional Research & Effectiveness operational budget.
  • The work of the Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Team will be integral to the development of a prioritized list of resources necessary for institutional improvements.
  • Institutional Planning and Effectiveness activities must be linked to the decision-making process at all levels and provide a sound basis for budgetary decisions and resource allocations.


12/16/2019, Approved by Cabinet

Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness Institutional Research & Effectiveness Chair, Continuing Member
Katherine Everhart General Education Assessment Coordinator, Faculty College of Civic & Liberal Arts Continuing Member
Tim Carter QEP Director, Faculty College of Business Continuing Member
Tammy Childs Controller Finance Continuing Member
Hailey Daehnke Faculty, Assistant Professor of Sport Management College of Education Appointed by Dean’s Council for first year of 2-year term
Merve Kester-Thomas Faculty, Assessment Coordinator, Mathematics College of Science, Technology, & Mathematics Appointed by Dean’s Council for second year of 2-year term
Rachael Barnett Director of Student Support Services Staff, Academic & Student Services Appointed by Cabinet for first year of 2-year term
Lisa Andrus Director of Alumni Engagement Staff, Administrative Support Services Appointed by Cabinet for second year of 2-year term
Sheryl Burnette Registrar Staff, Enrollment Management & Financial Aid Appointed by VP Enrollment Management & Financial Aid for 2-year term