The following is the guideline to a response of a spill on the Tusculum campus.  All spills are to be reported to Campus Safety who will respond to investigate the nature of the spill, cordon off the spill, begin containment of the spill, and if needed alert the facilities management to dispatch the Spill Response Team. The procedure for cleanup of individual spills is dependent upon the amount of oil released.  Please see the below for the response to each spill type.

Spills of 25 gallons or less

Spills of 26 gallons to 100 gallons

Spills over 100 gallons

If there is a risk of injury during clean up to a member of the Tusculum University’s spill response team such as fire or explosion all personnel shall be cleared from the area and the local Fire Department will be contacted.

If the discharge is ongoing, trained spill response personnel shall do what they can to limit the severity of the release and apply the guidelines above to clean up.



For a list of telephone numbers, see Appendix E.