The Sport Science Department of Tusculum equips students for careers and/or pursuit of further study at the graduate level in physical or occupational therapy

The mission of the Sport Science program is to prepare students to seek employment in wellness and fitness-enhancing fields and coaching sports and to prepare students for graduate school application in physical or occupational therapy.

The Department of Sport Science offers the following programs to achieve the above goal:

  1. Sport Science major
  2. Coaching minor
  3. Coaching endorsement
  4. Sport Science Pre-Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy

Students majoring in disciplines other than physical education may also seek the coaching minor or coaching endorsement.

Sport, Leisure, and Activity Courses

The Sport Science Department offers electives for students, faculty, staff and the community to achieve physical fitness and develop sports skills for lifetime participation in leisure time activities. Participants may choose from numerous offerings such as aerobics, aquatics, badminton, basketball, bowling, golf, soccer, tennis, tumbling, volleyball, weight-training, dance, table tennis, touch and flag football, and more.

Note: Students may take additional one semester hour activity courses without paying an overload fee provided the total number of hours does not exceed 19 for that semester.