The Sport Science major at Tusculum prepares students for employment and/or graduate level study in sport science, wellness related and fitness-enhancing fields.

A total of 60 semester hours in the major (6 hours of which are activity courses), and 42 semester hours in the General Education Core, and 18 hours of electives comprise this major. A total of six activity competencies courses must be completed to earn a degree in Sport Science.


Major Courses 

  • Activity Course (6 hours)
    • Community First Aid, CPR, and Safety (1)
    • Individual, Dual, or Team Sports (3 courses)
      • Softball, Touch and Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Raquetball, Bowling, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Archery, Golf, Jiu Jitsu,
    • Aquatics (1 course)
      • Swimming, Lifeguard Training, Scuba Diving
    • Physical Fitness (1 course)
      • Water Aerobics, Run/Walk/Jog, Aerobics, Weight Training
  • Theory Courses (54 hours)¬†
    • Introduction and History of Physical Education and Athletics (3)
    • Nutrition (3)
    • Sport in Society (3)
    • Clinical Experience in Sport Science (3)
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology (6)
    • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
    • Sport Officiating (3)
    • Psychological Dynamics of Sport and Physical Education (3)
    • Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Health, and Wellness (3)
    • Motor Learning and Development (3)
    • Kinesiology (3)
    • Exercise Physiology (3)
    • Organization, Administration, and Supervision of Fitness, Sport, and Physical Education (3)
    • Managing Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Education (3)
    • Internship in Sport Science (3)
    • Senior Seminar in Sport Science (3)
    • Coaching course (3)
      • Coaching of Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country/Track and Field, Lacrosse