The History program provides the skills necessary for a broad array of professions.

Are you looking for a program of study that lays a strong foundation for a variety of important professional fields while helping you develop an insightful cultural literacy regarding our ways of life and how they came to be what they are? If so, we invite you to consider the History Program at Tusculum.

The History Program serves students interested in pursuing careers in government, the law, or education. History courses help students hone the skills they will need to pursue a career as a civil servant, an attorney, teacher, or community leader, while preparing them for post-graduate studies required for most of these careers.


Courses in the History program have been designed with student interests in mind and further students development both intellectually and morally, preparing them for active citizenship in both the local and global communities. As they progress in their course of study, students also develop a knowledge base needed to fulfill their professional aspiration in such areas as information management, research, and historic preservation.


The Minor in Public History may be taken in conjunction with either a major in history or in museum studies. This concentration combines rigorous training in the discipline of history with vocationally oriented coursework that prepares students to engage the public in a discussion about the meaning and uses of the past.


Students may also choose a History Education major, which provides them with the benefits of a history degree and prepares them for licensure to teach history in grades 6-12. History-Education Majors must also complete a satisfactory senior-level lesson plan suitable for classroom use for grades 9-12 to complete their major requirements.


At Tusculum, our entire curriculum is shaped by the “Civic Arts,” which we define as those skills and aptitudes needed for successful living in a modern democratic society.

One way the Civic Arts shape our History Program is in the way we probe the deeper meanings of history, the “why” as well as the “what” of what has gone to make our society and culture what they are.  And we relate those to the frameworks of the Biblical and republican traditions that helped shape our nation’s heritage.

At Tusculum, we approach history from perspectives both broad and narrow: global subjects such as the growth and impact of Islam, and more narrow and focused historical topics such as American history from the perspective of Native Americans themselves. When you complete your history studies at Tusculum, you will find your perspective on the world has been broadened and deepened, yet also sharpened and focused.


Tusculum students can participate in an international study program that provides scholarships for a semester of study at Imperial College of the University of London. This program, particularly well-suited to history majors, is offered through the Private College Consortium for International Study, a partnership of 14 colleges in the Appalachian College Association, of which Tusculum is a member. Each member school can have two students per semester, possibly more, selected to receive a scholarship that covers program fees, tuition, rent, and allows funds for food and entertainment.

Students in the program live in an apartments near Imperial College in the affluent Kensington area of central London.


Tusculum’s full-time professors in the History major are highly qualified and hold terminal degrees. Not only are they experienced teachers, but also published authors.

At Tusculum, you learn from history professors who themselves are proficient students of subjects they care about deeply.