The Religion concentration is designed to prepare students for graduate school, the ministry, involvement in the church, or other careers, such as in the non-profit sector.

Some of the careers graduates from this History concentration program can pursue include:

  • Ministers
  • Professors
  • Counselors
  • Charitable organization employees
  • Chaplains
  • Museum curators
  • Missionaries
  • Writers

The program contains two subject areas: History, and Religion, each cultivating a critical skill-set for future graduates.

Students will develop expertise in:

  • Textual interpretation
  • Historical contextualization
  • Social and cultural analysis
  • Oral and written communication

Students engage in discussions about the ‘big’ questions of life, and become involved in evaluating a variety of viewpoints.

In the process, they develop the ability to assess evidence, to weigh arguments, and to construct informed opinions.