Application – Computer Use Policy

Tusculum University Upward Bound  Computer Use Policy

Tusculum University Upward Bound expects its students to behave responsibly in the computer lab.  All computers, printers and other hardware must be treated with care.  You must agree to the following statements before you will be allowed to use the computer lab.

  1. I will maintain good computer lab manners by recognizing that others need to have equal access to the lab and its equipment.
  1. I will take my best care of all computer lab hardware and will report any violations I see.
  1. I will refrain from use of the Internet for objectionable materials. This includes pornographic images, chat rooms, or sites which are limited to adults.
  1. I will not use the computers or the Internet to harass faculty, staff, and other students.
  1. I understand that if these violations occur while I am signed into the computer lab, I will be held responsible for damages.
  1. I also understand that if these violations occur, I will be sanctioned by the director or associate director.  These sanctions could result in dismissal from the program.