Upward Bound is designed to help students succeed in high school while preparing them for college.

Upward Bound (UB) at Tusculum University began in 1973. We are a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. UB is designed to help students excel in high school while providing them preparation for college success. Students selected for UB meet with a counselor at their respective school on a regular basis.

Academic Phase
Freshmen participate in the Upward Bound STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) component. This part of the program is designed to strengthen students’ math/science background and introduce them to careers in STEM related fields. The STEM component includes educational activities and trips scheduled on Saturdays throughout the year.

It is our hope that introducing unique venues and providing hands on activities will inspire our youth to see the possibilities that lie in these areas. Students in grades 9-12 are offered tutorial assistance in their schools, usually targeting math and sciences although not limited to these subjects. ACT preparation as well as end of course testing (EOC) is a strong focus and UB strives to offer their students any extra measures possible to flourish. Each year UB plans visits to local area colleges so that students can begin to clarify their goals and explore the surrounding area for the school perfectly suited to their needs and interests, all along nurturing them with the specific skills they need to see their dreams realized.

Cultural Enrichment
In addition to academic excellence, UB has a strong cultural enrichment component. Students may attend a concert of classical music, watch a Broadway play, see a dance performance, or experience an opportunity to practice important life skills. Service learning is another area in which UB students excel. We stress that our participants learn to give back to their community, promoting volunteering and empathy for others. Students are able to gain service learning hours through special classes and events, as well as a yearly group project sponsoring a local charity or non-profit organization. This can be extremely beneficial now that service learning hours are required for the state of Tennessee, as well as mandatory for participation in many school organization and clubs, as well as the widely known Tennessee Scholars.

Summer Phase
During the summer students have the opportunity to live on campus at Tusculum University in a controlled environment to experience a college campus.  Students participate in high school classes in preparation for the upcoming academic year.  Students experience dorm life, attending classes, and fun, cultural afternoon experiences.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Upward Bound is the cost of the program. If a student is selected for Upward Bound there is no charge to the student or his or her family. Activities, classes, food and entertainment are included and paid for by grant funding. In return, students are asked to be faithful in their commitment to UB, exerting effort, energy and their time. Our goal is for each of our students to become bright, successful, potential-college students.

How to Apply
If you are interested in becoming part of Tusculum University Upward Bound, the first thing you need to do is apply. To request an application, call our office at 423-636-7300, ext. 5325