Application – Code of Conduct and Honor

Tusculum University Upward Bound Code of Conduct and Honor

At Tusculum University Upward Bound, we strive to make our program as safe and rewarding as possible for all of our participants.  We expect our students to behave in a manner that reflects the positive reputation of the Upward Bound program.  With this in mind, the following violations are subject to warning or could result in suspension or dismissal from the phase or program:

  1. Failure to comply with the reasonable instructions of any staff person.
  2. Interfering with any UBMS staff member while performing program duties.
  3. Providing false information to staff members with the intent to deceive.
  4. Use or possession of any tobacco product.
  5. Verbal abuse of participants or UBMS staff members.
  6. Disorderly conduct, including the use of foul language.
  7. Misuse of the internet.
  8. Bullying, cyberbullying, hazing, sexual harassment, and/or sexual misconduct.

The following violations will result in immediate dismissal from the program:

  1. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, dangerous drugs or paraphernalia.
  2. Committing violence against any participant, instructor or staff member.
  3. Use or possession of firearms, explosives, knives or weapons of any kind.

Tusculum University Upward Bound is an opportunity for me to develop my potential for success in college.  I fully intend to utilize that opportunity by working with the Upward Bound staff to enhance my talents, abilities, and strengths and to improve upon my weaknesses.

I realize that my obligations to Upward Bound have been determined and outlined in this contract only for my benefit. 

  1. I will complete Upward Bound through my involvement until the end of the summer following my graduation from high school.
  2. I will do my very best in school and in Upward Bound courses by maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA.
  3. I will obey all program rules and regulations.
  4. I will attend activities and tutoring (as needed) during my freshman through senior years.
  5. I will meet with my assigned Upward Bound counselor.
  6. I will attend Upward Bound summer phases.
  7. I will enroll in college after completion of the Upward Bound program and obtain a college degree.