Samuel Andrew Coile

Samuel Andrew Coile, B.A., M.A., D.D., served 1902-1907

Samuel Coile, born January 18, 1857, grew up in Dandridge, Tenn.  He and three of his siblings attended Tusculum College.  After Coile graduated from Tusculum in 1879, he attended Lane Seminary and McCormick Seminary.  He served on the Board of Trustees and taught Greek for two years at Tusculum College before becoming President.  After Tusculum College, he became president of Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tenn. from 1914 to1916.  Coile held pastorates at Greeneville and Knoxville and in Sheffield, Ala.  Later, he preached at a large church in Missouri.  He received his D.D. from Gale College.  Moore married Mary C. Speck on June 30, 1887 and fathered four children.  He died in 1923.