Do you want a good “generalist” major that can open doors to careers such as law, politics, consulting, public service, and many other fields? Do you like the idea of a major program of study within an academic department small enough to allow maximum interaction and communication between students and professors both in and beyond the classroom? Would you enjoy learning outside the classroom through active internships in professional settings?

The analytical rigor involved in Political Science courses makes this program a good choice for a student who has not yet clarified his/her life-long occupational goals but who seeks to hone their abilities to think both broadly and critically, analyze data, and express complex views both orally and in written form. For students already focused on careers in government or the teaching of the social sciences, the Political Science major provides specific preparation for a career, or for further study in law or graduate school. Our students graduate with a range of skills to be engaged citizens in their local community, nation, and world.

Students may also choose a Government Education major that will prepare them for licensure to teach courses in this field in grades 7-12.

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