English Program at Tusculum

English at Tusculum University is an excellent choice for students interested in education, business, law, writing, editing and publishing, communications, public relations and social work.

The English major is designed to prepare students for graduate study in the field; those seeking a foundation for postgraduate work or study in fields related to English and those who want a humanistic base in reading, thinking, and writing for a liberal arts education.

As majors in English at Tusculum University, students will have access to a varied group of experts engaged in exploring different aspects of literature and writing. The engaged block program gives the faculty time to work with students on their skills and allows the faculty to offer special projects and field experiences (like trips to special libraries, conferences, readings, and arts events).

The English Department also supports the mission of civic engagement and service through its projects and through the examination of ethical and social issues presented in literature and in the act of writing.