The Business Administration program, steered by the mission of the College, integrates the virtues of integrity, good judgment and civic mindedness throughout the program study.

Business is a dynamic field of study. The learning outcomes of Writing, Public Speaking, Analytical Reading, Critical Thinking, Civility and Computer Literacy are integrated throughout the Business Administration program.

In addition, the global marketplace, ethical decision making, diversity in the work place and the team-centered approach are stressed. For the Tusculum Business Administration major, the focused calendar allows an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will help them be productive members of the communities and organizations they choose.


Graduates of the College have discovered various roads to success. Initially, many begin in sales, business administration trainee programs, first line management and production. Others continue their education and pursue graduate degrees. Tusculum graduates are entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors, educators and consultants.


The Business Administration program of study is offered in six concentrations:

Each concentration requires the business administration major to have a generalist background in management, accounting, economics, finance, and computer applications. Building from this knowledge base, the student continues to increase his/her skills and knowledge with the required courses of the concentration. The flexibility of the curriculum allows students to select additional business administration courses for electives.