Science, Technology, and Math

Degree programs within the College of Science, Technology, and Mathematics (CSTM) aim to help students to learn the skills, techniques, and abilities to engage in science and math careers.  A foundation of our curriculum is the application of knowledge with a focus on problem solving, critical thinking, and communication.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science:
B.S. in Mathematics
Concentration in Mathematics Education 6-10
Concentrations in Mathematics Education 6-12

B.S. in Computer Science
Concentration in Information Technology
Concentration in Software Engineering

Department of Natural Science
B.S. in Biology
Concentration in Pre-Medical, Dental, and Veterinary

B.S. in Chemistry
Concentration in Pre-Pharmacy

B.S. in Environmental Science

Department of Psychology
B.S. Psychology 
Concentration in Behavioral Health
Concentration in General – Experimental
Concentration in Industrial Organization
Concentration in Neuroscience

Welcome to the College of Science, Technology, & Mathematics (CSTM)!

All the faculty and staff in CSTM are excited and honored that you are joining us at Tusculum University for your college career. Our goals are to provide you not only with a high quality education but also to give you opportunities for applied and experiential learning. Tusculum is gifted by being in a location with so many wonderful natural resources, resources that we like to use to get students out of the classroom and into the field. Our new building has provided us with beautiful classrooms and well stocked laboratory spaces. Our dedicated faculty work diligently to design curriculum that is modern and provides excellent career preparatory skills. We encouraged student internships, research experiences, and job shadows in your chosen field, whether that be a natural science, such as biology, chemistry, or environmental science, psychology, or a computational field, such as computer science and mathematics.

I am extending an invitation for you to come visit my office in Meen 308C. I would love to get to know you and to learn more about your goals and ambitions.. For an appointment, please email me at I look forward to seeing you!