Because students sometimes make errors on their application, there is a process for verifying applications and making corrections.

The Central Processing System (CPS) selects which applications are to be verified. In some instances the FAA may select the application for verification to correct conflicting information.

Applications must be verified if selected by the CPS for students who will receive or have received subsidized student financial assistance. Verification is not required for students who are only eligible for unsubsidized student assistance. Students who are eligible for both subsidized and unsubsidized Title IV aid may not avoid verification by accepting only the unsubsidized aid; they must complete verification to receive any Title IV aid.

Every Financial Aid Office must verify the FAFSA data provided by the student/spouse and/or parents is accurate before financial awards are offered to the student.

Students who are selected for verification will receive an email or a written request from the Office of Financial Aid for the required verification documents. Selected students must complete a Verification Worksheet, and submit copies of their IRS TAX Return Transcripts. If the student is a dependent student the parent(s) and any step-parent’s IRS Federal Tax Return Transcripts will be needed. If the student is independent, the IRS Federal Tax Return Transcripts for the student’s spouse is required (if they Filed separately).

It is important that all documents requested are returned in a timely manner because delays in response or incomplete documents can significantly delay the processing of financial aid packages.

Upon review of the student’s file, the Office of Financial Aid may also request other information for resolution of discrepancies. If copies of the tax return(s) are unavailable, they can be requested from the IRS. If an Amended Tax Return is filed, a copy of the original return and the amendment is required.

Students who are only eligible for Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarships or Loans may be flagged for verification even if they qualify for no other gift aid.

Verification must be completed before any Federal or State awards can be posted to the students account.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at Tusculum if you have questions about verification or if you are unsure if you have been selected for verification. If you have been selected and you know which verification form you need please visit the Forms page and print your Verification Work Sheet, complete, and send it to the Financial Aid Office.

Due to federal privacy laws, the Office of Financial Aid restricts the release of private student information. We are unable to release information to third parties (i.e., parents, spouses, etc.) without a signed FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) on file from the student.