Trom, Kelsey

Associate Professor of English


Direct Line: 423-636-7420
Campus Phone: Ext. 5420
Campus Mail: P.O. Box 5044
Office: Virginia Hall 301
Department: College of Civic and Liberal Arts
Campus or Site Location: Greeneville

Kelsey Trom is an Associate Professor of English at Tusculum University, where she is the Writing Program Coordinator, the Faculty Vice Chair, and the editor of The Tusculum Review, our in-house international literary journal. Her fiction and essays have been published in Makeout Creek and other venues. She swims with the Kingsport Viperfish.

She teaches composition, creative writing, journal production, Theatre of the World, Literature of Sexuality, senior seminar, and special topics like Afrofuturism: Black to the Future; Man v. Nature: Literature of the Wilderness, the Frontier, and Agrarian Life; Beach Reads: Escapist Fiction Then and Now; and Tales of Physical Endurance and Survival. Her pedagogical interests lie in educational access and she has presented at teaching conferences on the dynamics of classroom gatherings and implicit bias, novels for non-English majors, and strategies for teaching developmental students.

She received her Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Virginia. Between these degrees, she spent two years studying in VCU’s immersive studio art programs—Art Foundations and Illustration. Before coming to Tennessee in 2014, she mowed lawns, worked retail, provided childcare, and taught as a teaching assistant and adjunct at several universities, community colleges, and military bases in the Richmond area.

  • M.F.A. Creative Writing (Fiction), Virginia Commonwealth University
  • B.A. English, University of Virginia