Tusculum University takes seriously its heritage as a daughter of the Presbyterian Church.

The liberal arts tradition with which the name, Tusculum University , is uniquely associated was formulated by Cicero at his academy in Tusculum, Italy, and brought to East Tennessee by Samuel Doak by the way of the College of New Jersey (Princeton University).

The tradition emphasizes smallness of size and closeness of faculty-student involvement, both within and without the classroom in order to cultivate citizenship, character and practical wisdom among members of the University community. That tradition is very much in keeping with the heritage of the University through its founding by Presbyterians with an emphasis on the formation of strong Christian character as an essential ingredient of citizenship and practical wisdom.

Tusculum University is committed to strengthening its relationship with the Presbyterian Church so that the University can bring its services to the Church, and the Churches can learn of and benefit from the distinctive mission and education offered by Tusculum University .