The Medical Pre-Professional concentration in Chemistry is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees at traditional medical schools, schools of osteopathic medicine, chiropractic schools, schools of veterinary sciences or dental schools.

This rigorous curriculum is designed so that by the end of their junior year students will have been introduced to all the major subject areas covered by standardized tests (e.g., MCAT, DAT) required for admission into these advanced degrees.

Students will choose electives their junior and senior years to meet their independent needs.

In addition to the Chemistry Core Curriculum, the following courses are also required for the Chemistry, Medical Pre-Professional Concentration major:

Chemistry Medical Pre-Professional Concentration Hours
BIOL 110/110L General Biology I (with Lab) 4
BIOL 120/120L General Biology II (with Lab) 4
BIOL 201/201L Genetics (with Lab) 4
BIOL 202/202L Microbiology (with Lab) 4
BIOL 302/302L Human Physiology (with Lab) 4
PHYS 201/201L General Physics I (with Lab) 4
PHYS 202/202L General Physics II (with Lab) 4
Choose one of the following:
BIOL 315/315L Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
CHEM 301/301L/BIOL 321/321L Biochemistry 4
Note: MATH 190 Calculus I from the Mathematics core of the general education curriculum is required.
Concentration Hours 32
Total Hours 64