Students can earn an Associate of Arts in general studies degree, which may also be applied to any four-year program.

Students in the Associate of Arts program take 41 hours of general education coursework, as well as a minimum of 19 hours of elective courses that can be concentrated in a major area or taken in a variety of major areas as a way of exploration of potential career paths.


Tusculum’s Associate of Arts in General Studies is an excellent choice for students to gain an introduction to the college process and to academic coursework.

Graduates of the program have many options available to them, such as entering the employment market or applying their associate degree to complete a four-year program.


1. All students must enroll in English composition, but the exact requirements will vary, based on a combination of the student’s ACT English subscore or SAT Verbal score, placement testing or self-placement at the time of entrance to Tusculum College. The average student should expect to enroll in ENGL-110 and ENGL 111. Students needing extra preparation in developing college-level writing skills will be required to enroll in ENGL 100. Students with exceptionally strong preparation may be able to elect ENGL 111. Prior completion of equivalent coursework at other accredited institutions will satisfy the composition requirement.

*Students will receive institutional (developmental credit) if they are required to take ENGL 100. Institutional credit will not apply toward hours needed for graduation.

SAT Verbal ACT English Composition Requirement
390 or below 16 or below ENGL 100*, 110, 111
400 – 460 17 – 19 ENGL 100*, 110, 111 or
self-select into ENGL 100 or ENGL 110 (placement essay required for placement into ENGL 110)
470 – 590 20 and above ENGL 110, 111
600 or above 26 or above ENGL 111

2. Freshman mathematics placement is shown in the chart. Students satisfy the General Education mathematics requirement by passing MATH 140 or higher. Students who “test out” of this requirement do not earn credit and must complete one higher level mathematics course to satisfy their math requirement. Transfer students may present a grade of “D” or higher in an elementary statistics course from an accredited college as certified by the Tusculum College registrar to satisfy the mathematics General Education requirement.

SAT Math ACT Math Recommended Placement
410 or below 16 or below MATH 098
420 – 450 17 – 19 MATH 099
460 – 490 20 – 21 MATH 100 or MATH 122
500 – 550 22 – 23 MATH 135 or MATH 140
560 – 600 24 – 26 MATH 160
610 or above 27 MATH 190

* Developmental credit hours do not apply toward graduation.