The Focused Calendar

Tusculum's Focused Calendar provides our students with a flexible way to live and breathe each subject, forming a true learning community. Get ready ...

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We invite you and your family to join us for a Personalized Campus Tour & more as we showcase everything Tusculum College ...

Tuition Freeze 2015-2016

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The Focused Calendar

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Campus Tour and More

Focus & Become at Tusculum 2

Tuition Freeze 2015-2016

Focus & Become at Tusculum 3

Our unique Civic Arts focus takes the liberal arts a step further in a nationally recognized approach to educating individuals of intergrity and ideals.


Focus and become at Tusculum College which is one of only four colleges in the US (and the only college in the east) with a focused calendar.

Tusculum is the only four-year college in the United States with both a focused calendar and a Civics Arts approach.

For 18 days, you’ll immerse yourself in a subject, become a community instead of simply a class and experience innovative approaches to teaching a learning.

Because it is not memorizing tons of material that will help you reach your goals in life; it’s learning to problem-solve, speak and write effectively; work as a team and develop leadership skills.

At Tennessee’s first college, join students from 36 states and 19 countries who’ve come together at Tusculum to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Our unique Civic Arts focus takes the liberal arts a step further in a nationally recognized approach to educating individuals of integrity and ideals.

A wide range of majors – from museum studies to athletic training – are combined at Tusculum with service learning and travel opportunities, an Honors Program and a Bonner Leaders Program. Plus scores of student-run clubs and projects prepare you for anything!

If you’re seeking a smaller college away from urban stress and suburban sameness, Tusculum is just the right size and in just the right place. A small college like ours encourages you to be who you are and to try new things, knowing you’ll never be lost in the crowd.

It’s easy to get involved at Tusculum. Organize campus events, become a resident assistant, direct a play, lead Freshman Orientation, hold an office in the Student Government Association, or join one of the many other clubs on campus.

Instead of simply hanging out with the same type of friends you had in high school, you may have a roommate from Jamaica, find a best friend from New York City, explore new music and food introduced to you by a teammate, or go home to a friend’s farm on the weekends.

Reach out from your comfort zone a bit and you’ll be rewarded, not just with lifelong friendships, but with friends who will open your eyes to the world.