Adam Day

Yuugen Gulf


Adultish, balconied home
white walls, white people, white

wine. Leader is essentially stupid,
and she’s basically intelligent, unless

it’s the other way around.  In the country, cities.
And in cities, houses. Workers who work,

bourgeois who bourgeois. No time for details
in class struggle. Cats haunt a home,

shifting photos; all’s quiet. Bus
leaves every hour, but nothing

escapes –  not the dust
climbing windows like snow, not the mass

of shared senses: warming radiator’s tick, slap
of wet and chapped hands, blood orange

sky’s smear of rockets. Confused
triumph. She is in the night; solitude of one

awake among the sleeping, over desert village
worth of lights among endless black miles,

village no map will reveal. In this terror
of no explanation, she is looking. Landscape

of unclaimed silence, ash blue and ochre.
It gets under skirts. Where is her face?


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