Sean Hill

Visiting the Carriage House


In an old carriage house

converted to a cozy apartment for one

the bugs remember and return.


infestations reign and wane—

short lived like flirtation.

each new invasion waiting at the door:


roly-polies what she calls pill bugs

slugs   moths   wasps   and   stinkbugs

roaches  or  water bugs   and   snails.


backs brushed with broom straws—

roly-poly infantrymen

roll into grey ball bearings


she sweeps back

across the welcome mat.

some she captures for release—


bumbling bees in the sitting room

beckoned with a nod and whistle

and directed to the door


fireflies in the kitchen

cupped in champagne flutes

and freed into the night.


spiders brown and reclusive

—holed up in corners—

keep corpses and egg sacs


wrapped tight like secrets.



Yet in Bemidji

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