Markets have become fragmented in nature and global in scope. Since current and future market demands translate into educational demands, future Tusculum graduates would be required to have an understanding of and exposure to different cultures. The opportunity for Tusculum is to provide its student population with a broader foundation thus a greater chance to succeed in the global marketplace.

A study abroad program is a life altering experience with positive professional and personal rewards as the student matures in the Tusculum academic environment. As a parent, you will experience changes in your son or daughter, some of which will be lasting.

Student support – parents are encouraged to continuously express their support directly to the student in his/her endeavor. Students are being challenged by traveling to a new environment, meeting people that may look, dress and sound different from what they have been used to, so your support will have a calming effect on the student thus increasing the possibility of them having a successful venture. It is also possible for parents to share or even become involved with their son’s or daughter’s journey by learning about the program and the culture that they are immersing themselves in.

Their study abroad journey starts when they enter Tusculum as a Freshman since they will have immediate meetings with Financial Aid and their Academic Advisor. Student needs will be uncovered during these meetings allowing the Academic Advisor to explore how these needs can be satisfied during the student’s enrollment at Tusculum. The most appropriate program will, subsequently, be identified containing either elective or required courses in their field of study. Our aim is to ensure that the selected program meet the student’s academic, linguistic and personal interests. The only requirement is that they remain full time Tusculum students upon their return to Greeneville and eventually graduate from the institution.

Orientation – before students embark on their international journey, they will go through a six (6) module orientation program where they learn about logistical issues surrounding their venture, health and safety as well as the new culture they are about to experience. The last module of the pre-departure orientation focuses on the student’s family and is related to parental support and involvement. Even though it is wonderful to have family approval and support, it is also important to be reminded of the fact that the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling program requirements rests with the individual student.

Communication technology plays an important role in our lives and is a tool that can be misused as students adapt to their new environment. It is advisable to use the tool sparingly and obtain an occasional update on their progress. As their journey progresses and the time to return to the USA arrives, do not be distressed when your son or daughter spends additional time to find the correct English phrases when communicating or use words and/or phrases from the culture visited when communicating. They may even be craving foods that are not familiar to your diet. You may also find that their hairstyle, make-up and dress code has changed. Take the time to remind yourself that the value of their international experience far outweighs the initial repatriation discomfort. Be patient and understanding and allow for a period of re-adjustment.

The Center for Global Studies will help students and their families as much as possible. We will hold or forward all student mail and ensure that students are enrolled in classes for the upcoming Block. Despite the fact that all Tusculum students are well prepared for their international journey, unaccounted events may occur.  If the emergency occurs after regular business hours, please contact the Tusculum Campus Safety Department at (423) 636-7300 who will relay the message to the appropriate individual.