I am interested in studying abroad, how can I get started?

Anytime! The first thing that you should do is to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their educational needs and see how a study abroad would fit your academic progress and schedule. Then, contact the Center for Global Studies to discuss what program best fit the student’s educational needs.

When is the best time to study abroad?

The best answer is anytime. Each student should entertain the possibility of studying abroad as they enter Tusculum College. As student goals and progress vary, each Academic Advisor can build a block or a semester into your academic plan.

How much does it cost?

This varies by program and location and program.

Are scholarships or grants available to cover any of the costs?

Grants and scholarships are available to students that want to study abroad. As a start, please consult the Financial Aid office located in Virginia Hall. Then look at the links to “External funding” located on the side bar of this website for additional sources of funding. Please note that these are external to Tusculum College so you will have to apply for the applicable scholarships and grants independently. Finally, the list provided on the side bar is not all inclusive. Its purpose is to help students to get started with the financial aspect of their study abroad venture. Students are, therefore, encouraged to explore additional funding opportunities.

Can I study abroad more than once?

You can study abroad more than once. In fact, Tusculum has had students who have taken part in multiple trips abroad. Again, it is suggested that students consult their Academic Advisor in order to understand how additional trips abroad would contribute to both personal and academic growth.