Student Success and Engagement


Congratulations on being accepted to Tusculum College and WELCOME! We’re glad you’ve decided to join the Pioneer community.  This page has helpful information and links to make your transition to Tusculum College a smooth one.  New Freshman and Transfer students, once you’ve applied to Tusculum and have been accepted, your next step in the enrollment process is to pay the registration deposit, which is not an additional cost to you, but rather a part of your Tusculum tuition and fees.  Contact your Admission Representative to pay your deposit.  By depositing sooner rather than later, you will have an opportunity to register for classes at the first available ARD session,  and secure a dorm spot.

We realize that mixed feelings of apprehension and excitement often accompany the thought of starting college.  Student Success and Engagement representatives are here to help you make that transition a smooth one.  Follow this link to read more about the office of  Student Success and Engagement, and then return to this page to continue reading about your next steps in the enrollment process below.

There is one step you must take after completing all the necessary Admission and Enrollment Paperwork AND making your enrollment deposit.  If you are starting in the Spring semester (Block 5 or 6), you may skip step one.

Step ONE is to choose which of the first three Advanced Registration Day (ARD) sessions you would like to attend.  Please contact any of the Admission Representatives to sign up for an ARD session.