Months of careful preparation have put Tusculum University in a position to restore the opportunity for students to participate in the full Pioneer experience of face-to-face instruction and on-campus living during the 2020-21 academic year.

Through The Pioneer Pathway plan, Tusculum will forge a new frontier with the implementation of numerous safety features designed to decrease the risk of coronavirus infections at our three locations.

The Pioneer Pathway details the extensive steps Tusculum is taking in the classroom, our residence halls, and extracurricular activities to protect all Tusculum family members from the coronavirus. We will still provide an active and experiential education – with sensible, proactive measures that focus on safety.

To maintain a healthy atmosphere at all of our locations, everyone needs to read, understand and follow all elements of The Pioneer Pathway.

The Pioneer Pathway plan is available in a button below on this page. You will also find a button that links to a form, enabling you to ask questions or make a comment about this plan and other elements of Tusculum’s reopening.

The Reopening Task Force will review submissions weekly, but the form contains a box people can check if they need an immediate response. We ask that people not check the box unless it is truly urgent. The task force will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.

The task force welcomes your feedback and thanks you for using safe practices as you conduct your work.

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