Tusculum Ten is a student-led recognition program made of up of ten anonymous seniors to recognize students, faculty, and staff for embodying the Tusculum Ten ideals.

The Tusculum Ten include the following ideals.

  • Tenacity
  • Unity
  • Passion
  • Initiative
  • Optimism
  • Nettie-ness
  • Ethics
  • Engagement
  • Respect
  • Selflessness

Recognition by this program is among one of the highest honors on our campus. It is our hope that those recognized by the Tusculum Ten will continue to serve as an example of these ideals and continue to strengthen the prestigious legacy of Tusculum University.

Each year a special committee selects ten seniors who are believed to each embody one of the ideals. These ten seniors, also known as XPs, remain completely anonymous to the rest of the Tusculum campus, and over the course of the academic year will recognize students, faculty, and staff who are exemplars of the Tusculum Ten. The ten seniors serving as XPs will be revealed during Honors Convocation at the close of each academic year.

The inspiration behind this program comes from Stephens College, a small women’s college in Columbia, Missouri. The program called the Ten Ideals has been a prestigious part of their mission since 1921. Recognition by this program is among one of the highest honors on their campus. It is our hope that with time, the Tusculum Ten will grow in prestige and leave as strong a legacy as Stephens College.


Hailey Sanders

Raigun Duncan

Annie McCullough

Morgan Brown

Samantha West

Ray White



Lisa Lange

Angel Quay

Keveon Broadwater

Dexler Benjamin

Vinicius Rosario

J.T. Burton



Kristi Burnette

Justice Upp

Corey Szewczyk

Caitlen Myers

Nicole Canseco

Steve Schultz



Stefanie Webb

Emily Brinton

Sullivan Martin

Alyssa Rojas

Melissa Mazur

Shay Riggs



Bailey Jenkins

Alexis Vesser

Phillip Hall

Jamie Johnson

Keri Reeves

Tim Carter

Hollie Pellosmaa


Vayda Darnell

Hanna Johnson

Emma McCuiston

Brittany Johnson

Carter Delsorbo

Ronda Gentry

Roxanna Jaynes



Xavier Clemmons

Logan Mitchell

Bryson McMahan

Jacob Hall

Anima Poe

Chuck Pearson



Matthew Hathaway

Rachel Swatzell

Amber Loggains

Tyree Hilliard

Robert Zirkle

Katie Smith



Wale Ogundeyi

Kaylee Patterson

Jahaud Russ

Emily Pietzyk

Patrick McGhee

Emily Iorga

Dr. Dennis Ashford

Dr. Michell Temple



Mae Jones

Grant Crum

Justin Maney

Emma McCuiston

Chelsea Winstead

Serina Marshall

Dr. Debra McGinn

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