CEDE is based upon the belief that the best way to help a community is by empowering each individual, and by doing so, be able to help the community members help themselves.

As a result, CEDE members are currently working hard on developing a set of instructions, guidelines, and Video Tutorials in order to make all of CEDE’s Tools and Resources open to the community, and readily available for their use.

It is important to mention that CEDE offers Courses that discuss these and other tools, as well as individual consulting in most areas.

Make sure to follow us through the different social media outlets in order to receive the most current updates about Tool and Resource releases, CEDE, and its offerings!

HMHU Documents include:

  • Handbook PDF
  • Business Plan Samples and Templates
  • Excel Spreadsheets for Sessions

Personal Finance Documents include:

    • Net Worth Calculator
    • Budgeting Tool with Integrated Electronic Checkbook
    • Debt Repayment Schedule
    • Investment Calculator
    • Handbook

 For more information, or if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us