Greetings and welcome to the Center for Civic Advancement!

In support of Tusculum University’s mission of providing an education rich in Civic Engagement the Center for Civic Advancement (CCA) provides opportunities for students and the greater university community through civic programing, community partnerships and service opportunities.  In 2019, The Center for Civic Advancement was the proud recipient of a Day of Service grant through the Corporation for National and Community Service.  We are excited to watch this grant unfold over the next several years supporting our central service opportunity at the university – NETTIE DAY!  A day who’s namesake comes from Mrs. Nettie Fowler McCormick whom donated greatly to the institution both in her service and with her finances.  Almost 100 years after her death, McCormick Hall is still named after her in remembrance of a large donation that made its construction feasible.

The last quarter of 2019 was spent collecting feedback from CCA stakeholders including: staff, faculty, students, Bonner Leaders, administration and community partners.  These constituents outlined the ideal physical space, collaborated on promoting the work of the CCA and determined what we would consider success in the Center for Civic Advancement.  As the calendar year came to a close the physical space underwent a transformation with the location of a separate storage facility, new technology, signage, board chairs.

As we enter 2020 we are excited to plan a grand unveiling, new programing, updated service tracking mechanisms and more!


Jacob I. Fait                                                                               Amanda Delbridge

Executive Director – CCA                                                          Assistant Director – CCA



The Center for Civic Advancement seeks to engage the heart, mind, and soul of Tusculum through cultivating awareness of self and of others.

We aspire to do this through the establishment of meaningful relationships with our local, national, and global communities.

We define community service as defined by the Bonner Foundation which is service provided to individuals or communities to meet social, educational, or environmental needs.

For a fuller understanding of community engagement at Tusculum see the six common commitments of the Bonner Leader program.