Tusculum faculty advise all internships that earn college credit, requiring the payment of tuition for each credit hour earned, whether those internships are paid or unpaid.  

Internships that do not earn college credit are not supervised by Tusculum faculty or staff.  Although employers may offer internships which do not require academic credit, Tusculum considers them to be temporary employment, whether paid or unpaid. 

The following Internship documents may be used, at the discretion of the faculty advisor.

Step One:

Find and apply for an internship.  Please contact your college dean if resume review or other assistance is needed.

Step Two:

Meet with your college dean to discuss professionalism and complete the following documents, as needed:

Internship Professionalism Outline

Internship Professionalism Form

Internship Student Handbook Conduct Form

Internship Confidentiality Nondisclosure Agreement Form

Internship Insurance Liability Waiver Form

Pioneer Certified Program Requirement Checklist (Optional)

Step Three:

Meet with Faculty Advisor to complete the following documents and register for academic credit with registrar:

Internship Overview Checklist

Internship Affiliation Agreement with CS Application

Step Four:

Complete internship experience; then, turn in the following completed forms to the faculty advisor:

Internship Employer Evaluation of Student Progress

Internship Student Critique of Internship

Internship Time Sheet