Career assessments give insight into careers matching personality and interest. However, taking the assessment is only the first step into making that decision. It is important to take the time to have a conversation about the career assessment, in order to, better understand the results.

The director of career services is available to assist students with multiple career assessments that measure one or more of the following four critical areas to consider when selecting a career:

1. Personality

2. Interest

3. Work Values (View the six work values to consider in selecting a career.)

4. Vocational Skills (Aptitude, Knowledge, & Skills)

(Please note: The following assessments are only offered to Tusculum students and alumni.)

(You may view information for each of the four career assessments below by placing your cursor on the name of the assessment and clicking.)

TRAITIFY (Formerly WOOFOUND OR COMPASS)- This online career assessment gives insight into how personality and interests match specific careers.  It is available online and takes approximately five minutes to complete.  Students use your Tusculum email to create an account.  After completing the assessment you have several occupations to explore through a link to O’NET.

STRENGTHSQUEST – This online career assessment gives insight into personality, interests, and skills.  It is available online and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  Students and alumni may obtain a code for free access to take StrengthsQuest.  Save and print all test results to bring to career services for consultation, if desired.

MYERS BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (MBTI)– This online career assessment gives insight into a personality type, which is categorized by four scales on the MBTI.  It provides a window into how your personality works with others in the workplace, as well as, what occupations might be a good fit.  Students and alumni can only access the MBTI results through Tusculum career services.

STRONG’S INTEREST INVENTORY (SII)– This online career assessment gives insight into how your interests match the interests of those who are happy working in specific careers.  Students and alumni can only access the SII results through career services.

Tusculum Alumni are also encouraged to contact their college dean to discuss assessment options and to schedule appointments.