Graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing Program will be able to:

  1. Synthesize theoretical knowledge from nursing, organizational, social and biological sciences and apply to advanced practice nursing practice.
  2. Use holistic health assessment, critical thinking, creative reasoning, and clinical decision making skills to provide and monitor holistic comprehensive, patient-based, culturally competent advanced practice nursing care.
  3. Design and implement advanced practice nursing care in collaborative relationships across disciplines and in partnership with communities.
  4. Incorporate respect for human diversity while providing culturally and spiritually sensitive care across the lifespan in various health care settings.
  5. Engage in health promotion, disease prevention and maintenance of function across the health-illness continuum.
  6. Analyze and intervene in political and organizational forces in providing quality, cost-effective and ethical care advanced practice nursing care to individuals, families, communities and populations.
  7. Use leadership skills to promote change and affect healthcare policy.
  8. Make a seamless transition to the pursuit of doctoral education.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes can be found in the Graduate Nursing Student handbook.

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