Dear Potential Honors Student,

Do you want to make your degree special? Do you often find yourself unsatisfied in the academic depth of traditional classes? Do you find yourself seeking an intellectual community? Are you interested in learning about views different than your own and developing your level of self-awareness?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then we at the Tusculum Honors Program have been looking for you. And more importantly, we have what you’ve been looking for, too.

The  Honors Program was built for students just like you. We’re looking for the bright, the inquisitive, the open-minded, and those desperate for a challenge. Honors students must have an obsession with learning, and learning everything – in and out of the classroom. Academic pursuit is incessant, in ways that further you in your major and courses that pertain not to your chosen career but to your personal self-development.

But academic excellence does not automatically an Honors student make. We expect our students to participate in deep in-class discussions, true, but our Honors students are also encouraged to become campus and community leaders. In a small town like Greeneville, TN, and a small campus like Tusculum, community is key.

Through retreats, trips, and on-campus events, a focus of our Honors Program is to improve our students’ leadership skills. Every voice and every opinion is important, most especially when such opinions are well-developed, well-supported, and well-presented. Too, the Honors Program works closely with the new Honors Student Organization (HSO) to promote out-of-the-classroom involvement.

Honors courses are designed to challenge your pre-conceived notions and beliefs – not to disprove them, but to require you to think. “Just because” is never good enough for a Tusculum Honors student. As a community of engaged learners, we seek to answer the ever-present question, “Because why?”

Excited? So are we.

Hope to see you soon!