For non-biology majors:

The biology program offers two minors to Tusculum University students. These minors are designed to provide a background in the biological sciences for non-science majors.

Biology Minor

The biology minor is ideal for the student who wishes to get a broad perspective on the biological sciences to complement their career goals. For example, a student who has the goal of being a science writer or documentary filmmaker can find value and benefit in minoring in biology.

Environmental Science Minor

The environmental science minor provides an overview of the environment and the organisms with which we share our environment. This minor is complimentary to any degree for a student who is curious about science and interested in learning more about the world that we share with our fellow animals.

For biology majors:

The following is a list of suggested minors for biology majors. These are suggested because they provide biology majors with a widened world view or are helpful for possible future career goals.