Tusculum College has been approved as an official GED Testing Center, which will provide a much-needed service on a regular basis to Greene County and the surrounding communities.

Tusculum College has been approved as a testing center to administer the GED (General Educational Development) tests that provide adults who did not complete a formal high school program the opportunity to certify their attainment of high school-level knowledge and skills.

Tusculum College will become the only testing center providing GED testing on a regular basis in Greene County. Most individuals wanting to take the GED in the county have had to drive Morristown, said Kim Gass, director of Adult Basic Education for Greeneville and Greene County. Tests have been administered at Walters State Community College’s Greeneville Center, but on a sporadic basis. The GED is not offered online.

The GED test includes assessment in five content areas: language arts – reading, language arts – writing, mathematics, science and social studies. To complete the entire test takes just over seven hours.

Realizing that it may be difficult for some people to sit for a seven-hour period and that others may have challenges in blocking that amount of time away from family or work responsibilities, the college is going to offer split-day testing as well as Saturday testing in which the entire test will be administered, said Melissa Ripley, director of operations and marketing for Residential College Admission, who will be the chief examiner for the GED Testing at Tusculum.

The split-day schedule will involve offering half of the test on one day and the remaining half the next day, she explained.

Gass said the split-day testing will eliminate barriers for some individuals in taking the test such as finding child care or having to take a day off from work and lose a day’s pay.

To pass the GED, a test-taker must earn a minimum total standard score of 2250 on all five tests and a minimum standard score of 410 on each content area test.