Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resources Center can help you reach your full academic potential. Through assessment, we can save you hours of tutoring and studying by identifying precisely the areas on which you should focus.


Tusculum College students benefit from academic advising dealing with the students’ specified vocational decisions.

The student chooses a program of study and is assisted in the creation of a class schedule which will facilitate the process of his/her course of study

Often the advisee is counseled in problem-solving and decision-making areas and the Center provides any additional support necessary.


Learning support services include assistance with time management, problem solving, and coordination of tutoring services. Counselors are available to assist students with any problems or concerns regarding campus life.


» What can the Learning Center do for me?

The Learning Center can help you learn the “tricks of the trade.” Studying and test-taking does not come easily to everyone, but there are useful methods that anyone can learn. The goal is to make you a more efficient student, so that you do not spend all of your time at the books.

» What do you mean by assessment?

By assessment, we mean identifying your academic strengths and weaknesses. We take a broad look at your intellectual progress and tailor our help to fit you.

» How much of my time will assessment take?

To make the most efficient use of your time, assessment involves gathering helpful material that already exists such as your entrance exams, your testing scores, and even papers and tests from classes.


Please contact Jill Oberfeitinger, located on the 4th floor of the Niswonger Commons, or email: