VISION 20/20

The Next Decade of Educational Excellence

Very few institutions of higher education in the United States are privileged enough to face the question, “How do we actualize educational relevance and excellence into a third century?” The future of Tusculum is fundamentally connected to history through core values embodied by her mission statement. Tusculum remains true to the mission extolled by the founders to provide a liberal arts education in a Judeo-Christian and civic arts environment. Today, as in 1794, values such as integrity, responsibility and critical thinking are relevant and essential.

As Tusculum embarks on a third century of service, the vision for the next decade is shaped by a commitment to:

  • Enhance institutional integrity through aspirational leadership and academic innovation, including well managed relationships with domestic and international academic institutions to provide joint academic and co-curricular programs, exchange opportunities and deep immersion experiences; integration of social media and virtual experiences to enhance accessibility and academic achievement; increased placement of graduates in advanced degree programs and professional schools; robust student and faculty scholarship; and full integration of reflective judgment and critical thinking in all aspects of our living and learning environment.
  • Distinguish Tusculum alumni as leading citizen-scholars, through redevelopment of the “Freshman Experience” to incorporate cultural enhancement opportunities, providing students with knowledge and skills relevant to their everyday and professional lives; a co-curricular transcript program to document student participation and leadership in on- and off-campus organizations, demonstrating their leadership experiences and dedication to service; and immersive, student-centered learning and leadership environments conducive to collaborative, problem-based learning.
  • Establish transformative living and learning communities, by creating state-of-the-art, student-centered learning environments; providing contemporary technologies to prepare students who are academically, intellectually and technically equipped to work in, lead, and serve their communities; providing places and support that nurture intellectual curiosity; and creating virtual and physical environments conducive to academic achievement and success.
  • Create the capital to support ongoing institutional self-sufficiency, security, and innovation, characterized by diversification of revenue streams, alternative funding mechanisms and opportunities, and decreased student and institution dependence on state and federal tuition assistance; competitive salaries and benefits designed to attract and retain exemplary faculty and staff; a doubled endowment and increased unrestricted funds to allow Tusculum flexibility in supporting new initiatives; a substantial increase in graduation rates; and active engagement in local and regional economic development.

The realization of this vision, informed by the boldest aspirations of our students, alumni, faculty, staff, Trustees and trusted friends of Tusculum, requires each person to fully embrace his or her role and responsibility with enthusiasm and determination to propel Tusculum into her third century.