The Tusculum Study Abroad program was initiated in the early 1990s with regular student trips to Costa Rica to study Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Interest in the program started to increase through a partnership formed with Universidad Latina in Costa Rica whose students started traveling to Tusculum to study English as a Second Language.

The program was soon expanded to include the Business Education Initiative (BEI) which had just been started by U.S. Presbyterians and Catholics who wanted to become involved in the Northern Ireland peace process.

The study abroad program continued its expansion through the London program. This opportunity became a reality in early 2000 and was made available through the Association of Appalachian Colleges (ACA) who had received a grant from the Berger foundation for the purpose of providing educational development opportunities for poor and disadvantaged students in Appalachia.

Fourteen of the ACA schools subsequently developed a consortium (PCCIS) thus forming a partnership with the International Enrichment program through the Missouri consortium of universities. This program also offers opportunities for full time faculty to teach abroad.

The Belize program became part of the Tusculum study abroad program in 2002. This is a Service Learning program that is made available through a BIBLE Studies Grant from the Presbytery USA.

Program participants have, through a cooperative relationship with Peacework, been able to take part in the tutoring of local students and help homeless families to build bridges across toxic waters.

The program is again in the process of expanding as a result of a vision that looks to prepare its student population for the 21st Century.