Every year International Enrichment (IE) invites full time faculty from partner institutions to apply to teach one semester in London. The chosen faculty is required to complete three (3) to four assignments during the semester including active participation in one section of the course British Life and Culture.


The faculty must be a full time employee of a Private College Consortium for International Studies (PCCIS) partner institution with approvals from the officers and committees as indicated on the approval form.

Program duration

The duration of this program is one semester and can be done during Spring, Summer (the term consists of three Tusculum blocks, and students may take courses session one, two and/or 3) or Fall. The 2010 semester calendar is located here.

Application process

The application packet submitted to PCCIS must include the completed application form, a current CV, proposals for three (3) courses, a statement of professional development and the approval form.


PCCIS will provide the faculty member with a $4000 semester stipend.

Application deadline

Approvals for Summer and Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 are mid March 2009.

Additional program information

You can obtain additional program information here.