Musical Variety

Musical variety is a hallmark of the Old Oak Festival and the variety of musical acts almost guarantees that everyone in the family will discover an act that will set their toes to tapping. For this year, the musical acts that have been confirmed include My New Favorites, Reformation Jam Band, Shiloh, Cynthia, Ashley Bean, Joyce Carol, Shimmy and the Burns, Jim Gates and Poplar Hill and Bluegrass Outlaws.

The festival aims to present the sounds of the region, with a wide variety of music from bluegrass to jazz to regionally-known vocalists and musicians.  In the past few years, the festival has featured  Fiddling’ Carson Peters, the Threatles, Annabelle’s Curse, the Madisons, My New Favorites, Jimmie D, the Kevin Wilder Group and a host of other musicians. In addition, the festival has highlighted the Tusculum band program. The Pioneer Jazz Band draws bigger audiences each year and the Concert Band’s “Conduct Us” session has become a popular feature and festival attendees can try their hand at conducting the band.