The staff of Tusculum University recognizes the importance of a well-rounded experience to each student’s life.

The Office of Student Affairs is primarily concerned with programs and services that create an environment beneficial to personal development and group learning.

As a result, the Office of Student Affairs supports and encourages diverse co-curricular programs to provide an enriched learning environment.

Student Activities sponsors these functions to enhance the educational experiences of Tusculum students. Students have the opportunity to attend events like off-campus trips and a variety of performances such as comedians, musicians, etc.

Tusculum’s location in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains creates great opportunities for students to attend school sponsored hiking, camping, caving, backpacking, and whitewater rafting trips.



Please feel free to stop by the Office of Student Affairs in Niswonger 223 or email to find out how you can get involved at Tusculum.