Student Affairs


There’s plenty to do at Tusculum College. Join one of the many student organizations and clubs, or start your own!

  • ALL CAMPUS EVENTS (ACE) is a group of students who work directly with Student Affairs to provide entertainment for the student body. ACE chooses various performers from magicians, comedians, musicians, etc and assists in planning social events on campus. Membership is open to all students.
  • ALPHA CHI promotes and recognizes scholarship. Membership is open to juniors and seniors ranking in the top tenth of their class.
  • ANDREW JOHNSON SOCIETY is a group for those interested in history and how various changes impact who we are as a country. Membership is open to all students.
  • ATHLETIC TRAINING CLUB promotes professionalism and education within the field of athletic training.
  • BAPTIST STUDENT UNION (BSU) provides a time of Christian fellowship and worship for all students. BSU is open to all denominations
  • THE BAND PROGRAM is for students interested in many types of musical performances, such as the Pep Band. Find out more about the Band program on their Facebook page.
  • BLACK UNITED STUDENTS (B.U.S.) provides an opportunity for African American students to fellowship and serve the greater college community. B.U.S is open to all students, not just African American students.
  • BONNER LEADERS PROGRAM CCA is a student-led service learning opportunity that requires its members to fulfill 100 hours of volunteer work a semester. Members are selected through an application and interview process, and a grant of $1,000 per semester with approval from the financial aid office may be available.
  • COLLEGE DEMOCRATES is an organization for students supporting the Democratic party.
  • COLLEGE REPUBLICANS is an organization for students supporting the Republican party and sponsoring events to raise awareness about civic engagement and social responsibility.
  • COMMUNITY CHOURS is open to all community members. No auditions are required. Academic credit may be earned.
  • ENGLISH STUDENTS ORGANIZATION (ESO) fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among the English Department, other departments and organizations on campus, and members of the surrounding community. The ESO is involved in a variety of activities.
  • FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES (FCA) is a student led non-denominational organization that promotes Christian principles among student athletes and the general student body. FCA is open to all students not just athletes.
  • HALL COUNCILS are boards of elected students to represent each residence hall. They function primarily to govern the halls and provide educational and social programming.
  • INTERNATIONAL AND MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY provides an opportunity for international students to fellowship and develop programs to educate the greater college community about their culture and history.
  • LADY PIONEER DANCE TEAM is a fun energetic group of students who like to cheer and dance. The team promotes SPIRIT throughout the campus. They provide support for the players during basketball and football games. They also perform at halftime for both sports.
  • NATIONAL STUDENT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION promotes healthy lifestyles for student athletes, provides education in leadership skills, and assists in planning for success during and after college.
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB serves the interests of Physical Education majors and other interested students by providing peer support for developing professionalism in the field of Physical Education.
  • ORANGE CRUSH is a dedicated and energetic organization comprised of students in support of Pioneer athletics.
  • PSYCHOLOGY CLUB serves the interests of psychology majors by providing peer support for developing professionalism in the field of psychology.
  • SCHOLARS BOWL is a competing trivia team that encourages teamwork and provides opportunities to compete in local and regional tournaments.
  • SCIENCE CLUB serves the interest of science majors or students interested in science by providing educational opportunities and opportunities for professional development.
  • STUDENTS IN FREE ENTERPRISE (SIFE) provides opportunities to gain professional experience and knowledge in working with the free enterprise system. Students may present and compete in regional and national conferences.
  • STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION (SGA) is the governing body for the student body. SGA provides an official voice to represent students to the administration and the Board of Trustees. It is the vehicle for expressing and addressing student concerns and a means to democratically determine allocation of student organization funding.
  • STUDENT TENNESSEE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION is an affiliate of NEA and TEA and offers students information and support in their profession. Membership provides liability insurance during practicum experiences and student teaching and three statewide scholarships per year to members (which two Tusculum College students have been recipients in the past two years).
  • THEATRE-AT-TUSCULUM provides many opportunities throughout the year for involvement in theatre, through scheduled productions. Students may audition for roles in productions or volunteer to assist backstage.
  • TUSCULANA is the Tusculum Yearbook. It is published each academic year. Students are responsible for all aspects of production and distribution.
  • TUSCULUM ARTS OUTREACH provides a variety of opportunities for theatrical or other artistic involvement in the larger community.
  • TUSCULUM COLLEGE BUSINESS CLUB promotes enjoyment and understanding of business administration; develops leadership abilities through participating in career education and social activities; assists students in establishing realistic employment objectives; promotes high standards in ethics, workmanship, and scholarship; and develops competent, aggressive leaders in business.
  • THE TUSCULUM REVIEW is an annual literary journal that publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry by well-established and emerging writers from around the world. Edited by Tusculum College professors Wayne Thomas and Amy Colombo, the volunteer staff is made up of students who read and consider submissions as well as help in the design and layout of the review. Students hold positions of responsibility including managing editor, poetry editor, fiction editor and non-fiction editor. These editors meet monthly with staff. Other activities include two pizza parties for distributing work and sending out correspondence to contributors.
  • VENTURING CREW is a program of exciting and meaningful outdoor activities such as ropes, climbing, hiking, and camping. The purpose is to help students pursue their special interests, to grow, to develop leadership skills, and to become good citizens. Membership is open to all students.