Dr. Scott M NiswongerAs we undertake together this exciting campaign for Tusculum College, we must ask ourselves the key question: Why should we give?

Interestingly, the original Tusculum was the villa of the philosopher Cicero. Among his innumerable contributions, Cicero is best remembered for paving the way to a belief in civic responsibility, working together to influence positive community change. I can think of no better reason for us to come together and give today.

Andrew Carnegie also taught us a valuable lesson about giving. He believed that we should return our money to the community that helped and prepared us to make it. As I write this, I can’t help but think of the many individuals whose lives have been lifted by this great college.

Please prayerfully consider the opportunities that await Tusculum College. By giving to the “Tusculum First” Campaign, you will provide resources that enable Tusculum to continue to grow and thrive. Most importantly, your investment will help to strengthen this community that means so much to all of us.

Dr. Scott M. Niswonger ’87 H’06
Chairman, Tusculum First Campaign
Chairman, Landair Transport and
Chairman Emeritus, Forward Air Corporation