Swecker-Thompson, JoAnn

Joann Swecker copy

Administrative Assistant

Email: jswecker@tusculum.edu
Campus Phone: Ext. 5300
Campus Mail: P.O. Box 5049
Office: Virginia Hall
Department: Student Affairs
Campus or Site Location: Greeneville

Ms. Swecker-Thompson began her career at Tusculum College in January 2007 as a part-time tele-counselor and joined the staff full-time in August 2008 when she became the Administrative Assistant to Financial Aid. Now, Ms. Swecker-Thompson’s warmth and caring will be a key element of the Student Affairs team in helping students transition to the college environment, overcoming any obstacles in reaching their potential and achieving their objectives.

As to that side of JoAnn beyond her professional skills and abilities, she is a wonderfully open and warm person. A widow with one daughter and 2 grandchildren, JoAnn is a member of Fairview Cumberland Presbyterian church, lives on a farm and likes horses, and loves to dance (preferring 50s & 60s music – especially ELVIS). Favoring reds and pinks, JoAnn is a travel aficionado and enjoys spending time with friends – especially at a cook-out or other gathering where people like to laugh and have fun.