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Stone, Katherine Ocker  (Dr.)

Associate Professor of Geology, Mathematics and Physics

Email: kstone@tusculum.edu
Campus Phone: Ext. 5241
Campus Mail: P.O. Box 5002
Office: Tredway 4
Department: Faculty
Campus or Site Location: Greeneville

I have several years of teaching experience at the post secondary level. I first taught introductory physic and astronomy labs as an undergraduate at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. As a graduate student, I continued to teach physics and astronomy labs while attending SHSU and then geology labs at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After obtaining my Ph.D. in geology, I taught a physical geology lecture and its companion lab at Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Knoxville, Tennessee. I am teaching geology, physics and college algebra at Tusculum College.

Along with my teaching, I have a broad research experience, having worked in the chemistry, physics, and geology fields. As an undergraduate at Sam Houston State University, I assisted graduate students at Texas A & M in the dating of cave paintings. For my own undergraduate research, I have study aqueous alteration of troilite as the possible precursor to magnetite in meteorites. I also spent one summer quantitatively analyzing shocked quartz during my term with the Lunar and Planetary Institute. For my master dissertation, I designed and implemented an oxygen plasma chamber to release trapped noble gases for mass spectrometry analysis. I continued my research in mass spectrometry analysis for my Ph.D. with krypton isotopes from meteorite chondrules as well as xenon isotopes from mineral separates from martian meteorites. I still have research connections with the Institute for Rare Isotope Measurements, in Oak Ridge, TN, University of Manchester Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Dept, in Manchester England, and Northern Illinois University..


Peer-Review Publications

-Cartwright J.A., Ocker K. D.., Crowther S. Burgess R. and Gilmour J. D. (2010) Distribution of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Xenon Components among Mineral Separates f the Shergottittes RBT 04262, DaG 489, Shergotty and EET 79001.  Meteoritics and Planetary Science 45 (8), 1359-1374.

-Ocker K. D. and Gilmour J. D (2004) Martian xenon components in Shergotty mineral separates: Locations, sources and trapping mechanism. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 12, 1967-1981.

- Ocker Stone K. D. (2002) Martian xenon components in the basaltic shergottite meteorites. Doctoral dissertation, University of Tennessee.

-Ocker K. D., Thonnard N. and Joyner C. F. (2000) Versatile sample viewing system with large magnification range. Review of Scientific Instruments, 71, No. 2, 581-582.

Courses Taught

GEOL 101
MATH 099
MATH 100
MATH 101
MATH 102
MATH 135
OREN 105
PHYS 101—Now referred to as PHYS 201
PHYS 102—Now referred to as PHYS 202


Professional Organizations

American Association of Physics Teachers
American Physical Society
Geological Society of America
Meteoritical Society