Tusculum Campus Directory

David Mcmahan copy
McMahan, David  (Dr.)

Dean of Students

Email: dmcmahan@tusculum.edu
Campus Phone: Ext. 5493
Campus Mail: P.O. Box 5094
Office: Niswonger Commons, Student Affairs Office
Department: Student Affairs
Campus or Site Location: Greeneville

With over twenty years of experience in progressive leadership positions in higher education, Dean McMahan joined the Tusculum College leadership team as Dean of Students in 2005.


The Dean leads the Student Affairs departments which include the areas of residential life and housing, leadership development, student activities, multicultural programs, recreational sports, safety and security, health and wellness, counseling, orientation, and student conduct. Providing leadership for Student Affairs as part of the Enrollment Management Division, the Dean serves as the primary advocate for student interests, and focuses on coordinating the skills of an exceptional team in developing and implementing programs and policies that support student engagement and success in learning and development within an environment which is safe and diverse.


Encouraging student engagement in support of a community where all are welcome and supported, the Dean points out that students who become actively involved in their College experience do better and are more likely to graduate than their peers who do not get involved. The Student Affairs Office serves as the institution’s Ombuds program and actively seeks to help students through its skilled listening and referral staff. Pointing out that from Resident Assistants to administrative front desk staff, Student Affairs personnel are repositories of knowledge on optimizing the collegiate experience and helping students get the assistance they need to resolve any impediments toward this goal, the Dean encourages students to avail themselves of the many resources of the College.