1. How much do the Programs and Events Cost?
– Thanks to the generous donations from community members all of CEDE’s offerings are delivered at NO COST!

2. Do I need to be a small business owner to be part of CEDE’s Programs and Events?
– No.  CEDE’s goal is to be able to help satisfy all community members’ personal and professional interests and needs.  As such, its programs focus not only on small business owners, but also students, as well as individuals other community members.  With over 20 ongoing Programs and additional offerings, CEDE strives to be able to help the whole community.

3. Do I need to currently have an operating business to be part of CEDE’s Small Business-oriented Programs and Events?
– No.  Most of our programs are developed in a way in which not only current small business owners can take advantage of them, but also start-ups as well as people with a business idea in its initial developmental stage.  In fact, the Small Business Owner related Courses and Programs are set up in a way that anyone, regardless of their business developmental phase, can go through a comprehensive process to ensure a successful entrepreneurial venture upon completion of the different offerings.

4. What activities does CEDE offer?
– Due to the broad spectrum and interest groups that the Center has, activities vary widely from small business related, to student related, to individual and family member related.  Full semester courses are offered as well as 3-4 session courses, one-day events and seminars, personalized one-on-one programs that last however many meetings it requires to obtain the expected results, as well as others. Learn more about Our Programs. If you don’t find an area which piques your interest or perfectly fits your situation, please feel free to contact us for a customized solution.